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Fifa approved artificial turf

Durable all year round

Artificial turf pitches for sports

When you’re looking to lay maintenance-free grass on your sports field, Safegrass artificial turf from Safefloor is a perfect solution. Ideal for football, tennis, golf or padel.

We offer a wide range and several variants with PU backing which don’t require infill.


FIFA approved artificial turf

At Safefloor we have a wide range, so we are sure to offer our customers the best match. For sports where a very strong base is required, our Safegrass artificial turf is ideal. Our sports range covers everything from multisport to football, golf as well as tennis and padel. Our artificial turf is produced from the strongest materials that meet the highest standards in the sports world, including FIFA approved artificial turf pitches.


When you’re looking for maintenance-free grass for your sports field, Safegrass artificial turf is the ideal solution. Our artificial turf is particularly suitable for football, golf, tennis and padel. We have a wide range of artificial turf variants that don’t require infill, and the majority come with PU backing. To create a cushioning surface that helps minimise injuries, the artificial turf can be combined with shock pads, which will improve both comfort and safety.

We have finished kits for tennis and padel. This is artificial turf to finished measurements, including white stripes. It is fast and easy to lay and of a strong quality.

Learn more about our solution for tennis here.

Learn more about our solution for padel here. 


The main advantage is, of course, that it requires no maintenance, and you never have to do battle with it, and that it always looks green. If you choose Safegrass artificial turf, you’ll get a strong and durable solution, with a 7-year warranty. We are therefore the safe choice if you are considering installing an artificial turf pitch.

Please contact us on +45 86 15 19 25 for a competitive quote or more information about our artificial turf solutions you can get from us. At Safefloor we are always ready to advise and guide our customers.


Product Category Roll length Roll width Total weight Infill Grass height
PETER Football 25 m 4 m 3.600 gr/m2 Non/evt. 5 kg/m2 30 mm
VIKTOR Urban sport Custom made 4+2 m 2.770 gr/m2 10 kg/m2 Silica sand 40 mm
ERIK Football Custom made 4+2 m 3.650 gr/m2 Ingen 24 mm


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