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Rubber tiles in the stable

Benefits both horse and rider

Rubber tiles for the stable

We supply quality rubber tiles for the stable. The tiles are produced in Germany and recognized for their reliability and high quality.

Easy and simple installation

It is quick and easy to lay rubber tiles in the stable, and the result is a smooth and uniform surface.The rubber tiles are available in red, green, black and grey.

Notable benefits 

There are many advantages to using rubber tiles in the stable. Firstly, the rubber surface supports the horse's joints and tendons. In addition, you get to spend more time with the horse with less time spent mucking out and distributing large amounts of bedding. 

The tiles also provide cushioning and slip resistance, an insulating effect and less dust. 

You might also wish to consider rubber on the riding arena  to reduce dust and provide relief for your horse.


Rubber tiles are the ideal flooring in stables and stalls and are widely used for walking areas, washing areas and access paths with heavy traffic from people and animals.

The rubber tiles are:

- Highly compressed

- Frostproof

- Durable

- Non-slip

The surface is soft and springy as well as resistant to urine.

Our flooring for horses is made from recycled rubber and is characterized by a certified environmentally friendly production and recyclability.



Do your horse a favor

Do you have questions about our products? Or you want to hear more about how you can optimize the surface in the stable, on the fold and the riding arena. Send us your inquiry via the form below. We will return with an answer as soon as possible.

You are also always welcome to call or write to Christian or Charlotte at +45 86 15 19 25 or mail:


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