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As sole manufacturer, we can offer a MUGA with our proprietary noise-reducing rubber planks. This is a great advantage as potential noise from MUGAs often is an important factor when planning new outdoor areas.

In addition, both the planks and the hot galvanized steel require no maintenance and can withstand high-pressure cleaning if the course has been sprayed with graffiti.

If you choose a MUGA from Safefloor, it can be tailored to your wishes and needs. 

We can supply a specified length and width and can also adjust the height of the surround. By default, the pitch is 100 cm high. 

The football pitch comes standard with two goals of 2x3 meters. In addition, basketball and hockey goals can also be selected.

We offer a total solution with installation, including the surfaces (artificial turf or rubber matting).

Professional and robust MUGA

A MUGA is a natural gathering place where children and young people can come together and play sports. The MUGA is an ideal solution that provide the framework for community and social interaction in both institutions and public areas. As always, we supply a high quality product, right down to the smallest detail.

Safefloor has a lot of experience with MUGAs, and offer a high level of expertise in the field. If you have any questions, we are available to guide and provide inspiration. It is important for us to give our customers the absolute best experience and the best possible finished result.


The metal parts in the MUGAs are hot dipped galvanised and of a robust size, and the thick rubber planks are protected against the degradation by the sun's rays. This ensures a very high quality, no maintenance and a long service life.


At Safefloor recyclable materials are very much on our mind. All materials are recyclable and the rubber planks are made from ELT rubber.


Your MUGA can be assembled in the exact size and with the exact accessories you want. The blend of the black rubber and hot dipped galvanised steel give the pitch an exclusive and robust look.


MUGAs for sports & play

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