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Complete rubber flooring

Comfort rubber floor

The Comfort rubber flooring is perhaps our most elegant flooring solution. It’s made from rubber, and the base colour is black. The flecks in the black base are available in

24 optional colours.


Rubslice rød

Comfort rubber  flooring with options for fitness and business

When fully assembled, the joints will be almost invisible. The floor will appear as a homogeneous, even rubber surface. The floor is springy and non-slip and can be used in many different areas. Comfort is supplied in tiles measuring 1x1 meters, making it easy to handle and assemble.

The ideal flooring for:

  • Clinics
  • Gyms
  • Shops
  • Airports
  • Institutions
  • Office premises

The main advantage of rubber flooring are the insulating properties which prevent your feet from getting.

The flooring is sound absorbing and easy to clean. It offers relief for your back and knees, optimising comfort with your daily steps

Patterns, logos or text can be inlaid in the Comfort rubber flooring.

See product catalogue for more information.

Rubslice gummigulv

Showroom med Comfort gummigulv



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